Yahoo temporary error 554 is an SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) that occurs when users try to send an email to someone. The possible reason behind this issue can be when yahoo suspects your email as spam or when your IP address is avoided by yahoo mail. 

Yahoo mail is being used by a huge number of clients and facing such issue can really be frustrating because user suffers their work when their mail refuses s to reach their desired destination. But as usual, this issue 554 can also be fixed easily just by following easy steps.

Sign of Yahoo temporary error 554

  • Your mail is not sent to the email recipient and jumps back to the sender.
  • Communication getting blocked permanently.
  • Error message popping up on your screen.

Reasons for getting Yahoo temporary error 554?

  • Sometimes we send email to inappropriate recipients which are the reason due to which users faces this error.
  • Spamming could be another prominent reason for the same.
  • Different time settings on your computer can be another reason.
  • If your mails contain broken content then it can result in error 554.

Steps to fix Yahoo temporary error 554?

To ignore delivery error 554 you can follow these given steps which are quite simple to go through.

  • Make sure that you enter the correct email address of the receiver.
  • Also, confirm with the receiver that their account is active or not.
  • Also, try another mailbox to verify that the account exists.


This is how you can fix yahoo’s temporary error 554 by simply following the above-given steps. You can also call and get Yahoo phone support to fix such an issue.

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